Shimano Sonora Reel

Shimano Sonora Reel
spinning reel isnt smooth anymore?

So I just bought a Shimano Sonora reel a couple weeks ago and have used it probably ten times so far. When I bought it, it was so smooth that you couldn’t hear/feel anything when you turned the handle. Today I went fishing at a local stream and accidentally dropped my rod/reel onto some dirt. Now the bail makes a grinding sound when opening (dirt, I am assuming) and the reel makes a noise when turning. The noise isn’t anything ridiculous, and the reel works fine. What should I do to get it smooth again? I do not have any experience cleaning spinning reels and I am not sure if I would be comfortable disassembling mine, “cleaning” it, and putting it back together. But if I have to, I have to


Just take the case cover off, get some PB Blaster and spray the dirt out of it. Use the whole can if you have to. Well, before you use the whole can take the bail wire off and spray everywhere, too. When you take a spinning reel apart, lay the pieces out in the order you took them off, you can figure out where they go since there ain’t that many pieces. It should be fine after that. Caught a 30 lb carp this morning, Booya.

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