Shimano Socorro Spinning

Best saltwater spinning reel out of these? Daiwa, Pflueger, Penn, Shimano, and Okuma…?

It’s time to buy a new saltwater spinning reel. I narrowed it down to these 5 (my price point is under $100). I’ve read good things about each of these so it’s been hard for me to pick one. Which would you choose and why?

1. Daiwa Emcast Sport
2. Pflueger President XT
3. Penn Sargus Saltwater
4. Shimano Socorro Offshore
5. Okuma Epixor Baitfeeder
6. Pflueger Surpeme XT
7. Penn Battle

Out of the ones you’ve listed I’d suggest the Daiwa Emcast.

The other reels you’ve mentioned have a “questionable” reputation for saltwater use.

In my opinion, the best saltwater reels in (or near) your price range would be:

1. Shimano, Spheros-

2. Daiwa, Black Gold- (Although this reel doesn’t have all the “bells & whistles” of a more modern reel it makes up for it by being VERY durable! If you “walk the docks” in any Florida marina and look to see what charter captains are using, you’ll find these on many boats; next to the Penn SSM. There’s a reason the design hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years…..!)-┬«-Black-Gold┬«-Series-Spinning-Reels/product/2038/-168616

3. Fin-Nor, OFS- (Although out of your price range by about $60, this reel is the “best bang for your buck” big game, saltwater, spinning reel available today. If properly cared for, the OFS will easily last 10-15 years with only minor “tune ups”. If you want “quality” and can splurge over the $100 price point purchase this!)-

4. Penn, SSM- (Old reliable! Easily fixed and durable)-

Those are the reels to buy, (period). Save your money otherwise.

Hope this helps?