Shimano Conventional Fishing Reel

Shimano Conventional Fishing Reel
Which conventional fishing reel should I buy?

I’m looking for a cheap but reliable saltwater conventional reel. Right now I am deciding between a Shimano Charter Special, the Shimano Speedmaster IV, or the Tica Caiman CA. If you have any other suggestions, they would be appreciated, but I’ve pretty much made up my mind to buy one of these. Thanks.

Depends on how you will be using it?

In my opinion, The Speedmaster would be best suited for trolling, (period). With it’s high gear ratio and quick retrieve capabilities it works great for fast running fish like Kings, Mahi, Wahoo, Sails, Etc. The Speedamaster would make a poor bottom-fishing reel due to it’s gear ratio…..

The Charter Special is a decent “middle of the road” reel which could be used for trolling or bottom fishing. However, due to it’s level-wind and slower gear ratio it’s best used as a bottom fishing reel.

The Tica Caiman- I’ve never owned a Tica reel but I’ve heard good things about these……….This reel would be a true “wild card buy” because little is known about the longevity of it’s gearing, drag and over-all construction. Don’t be fooled by it’s Calcutta-like appearance…….it is NOT in the same league as a Calcutta….Shimano has been making Speedmasters and Charter Specials for over 15 years…… long has the Caiman been out? Are replacement parts easy to get? Etc Etc Etc.

Personally, If I wanted “versatility” I’d get the Charter Specials. If I was a hardcore troller I’d get the Speed-masters. And I would be “leary” of the Tica.

Hope this helps you to decide?

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