Penn Salt

Penn Salt
Guys help me narrow down this list of mine please (universities)?

alright, i have this long list and i need to narrow it down.

Penn State U (University Park)
U of Wisconsin (Madison)
U of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Texas A&M (College Station)
U of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
U of Missouri (Rolla)
U of Washington (Seattle)
U of Utah (Salt Lake City)
U of Texas (Austin)

and my reach school
Johns Hopkins
Washington St Louis

I want a place that is lively, not too small a city because I grew up in urban setting, great landscape, and lots of snow!

Which to avoid and which suits me best? I need some advise!

Thanks in advance guys.

If you like Snow, then you cant go wrong with the University of Minnesota. It’s a great school, and in an urban setting that’s not like NYC big, but big enough.

So if snow is really important to you…drop Texas A&M and the U of Texas.

How many do you want to apply too? Because if you plan to apply to all of your “reach schools” and the others (minus texas) then you will have 10 applications.

SO, these are the colleges that I would apply too if I were you. (in order from best to worst).

1-3. Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Washington St. Louis
4. U of MN (TC)
5. U of Michigan
6. U of Wisconsin
7. Penn State
8-10. Missouri, Washington, Utah. (I’m not really familiar with these three).

Hope this helps.

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