Penn Parts Are Saltwater

Penn Plax Cascade 1000 canister filter problem…?

We recently bought a 65 gallon fish tank that came with a Cascade 1000 filter. The previous owners used the tank as a saltwater setup and we are going to do freshwater so I cleaned out all the parts and pieces I possibly could and once we set everything up, the motor runs (and makes kind of a light grinding noise…not a quiet whisper like other people say it should) but no water is coming in and no water is going out. The valves are open and I’ve primed it. Any advice or suggestions (especially from those who have experience with this brand or filter)? Thanks!

If you primed it then I assume that water is coming out the outtake. That is what priming means.

Go back check all your connections to make sure that they are air tight. Air trapped air bubble will prevent the water flow.

Then prime it by sucking the water from the outtake. If this has self primer then, use that til all the air ir removed and the water start flowing.