Penn Fishing

Penn Fishing
which is a better reel for pier/jetty fishing the daiwa black gold or penn sargus spinning reel?

i live in south texas/north padre island area and plan to fish from bob hall pier and packery channel and do a little surf fishing. i will be targeting jacks, red drum, black dum, spanish macks and snook
the daiwa is $85 and the penn is $90 so price is not an issue

The Sargus is a piece of sh*t. Don’t buy it. It’s poorly made, and although it touts the “saltwater” friendly front, it’s not. The gears are susceptible to rusting and corrosion since they decided not to use the more expensive brass or alloys in there. I serviced one of those, and was appalled at the construction. Ridiculous. For $50 it would be a good reel – but at $90 – heck no.

The Daiwa is much better. It’s overall a MUCH stronger reel. And if you’re just on a pier/jetty, you’re not going to need the added distance that another reel would bring you. Go for the Daiwa and don’t look back. It will serve you well. BG60 is great unless you REALLY need the extra line cap. Then get the BG90.

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