Pen Combos

Pen Combos
what is the best paper/pen combo for black & white ink drawings?

I don’t care about the size, but i’d like a high quality paper that makes the drawing look the best.

and what kind of pens does everyone use? i have tried everything from uniball to fine point permanent markers. Is there anything better?

Thank you!

For ink drawings you need an ink pen. I know that sounds stupid, but I’m talking about the type of pens that are used in pen and ink drawings. Some people call them calligraphy pens though they are not just used for that. Anyway you can get yourself an old fashioned dip pen and that would do great.

I think you already have the right pens that you need, since you’ve tried quite a few. All you need is the right paper. Since your willing you should get this paper: “Bleedproof marker pad”. They come in different sizes and don’t “bleed”. In other words the paper doesn’t absorb the ink. So whatever pen that you decide to use should work on it, even permanent markers and not bleed. This should do. Have fun!

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