Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle
Why is fishing tackle so expensive when it’s all Made in China?

China makes things for peanuts, and yet all tackle costs a fortune!

Even Hardy rods the epitome of Britishness are now Chinese at £500+ for a rod made in China!

Thats what I call landing a record kipper.

The answer my friend is called “greed”. The stories are legion about things of that nature. One of the earliest I heard was when Nike moved their manufacturing plant to Vietnam. Nike shoes at that time were running close to $100 a pair. But the total cost to Nike, materials, labor, and the shipping amounted to only $5 a pair.

And Lacrosse hunting boots are now made in China. There is a certain style that I love to wear, but it only cost $7 to make the boot, and I have to pay $99 for it. And the bad thing is the soles come off after one year of use.

In the U.S. the economy is doing badly like much of the rest of the world. But yet our manufacturing plants ( most of which are in China) reported record profits never seen before.It is only the working poor that are not doing well. The global companies are doing fantastic.

The U.S. government even gives them tax breaks as an incentive to provide jobs. It’s a shame all the jobs go to the Chinese.

Poppers recommended for Giant Trevally fishing!! Let us know your favourites!!