Shimano Casting Fishing Reel

Shimano Casting Fishing Reel
pflueger medalist , pflueger president, dawia exceler, shimano symetre front or rear drag?

which reel do you like better im not gonna have the opportunity to try them for myself. looking for a nice casting as well as smoothness. i strickly bass fish in ponds lakes and rivers i run 6lb line on 6 ft 6 pole. i do like the shimano and the medalist but am open to all options looking to blow about 80 $ gonna buy from ebay

Any of the reels you listed are good.
As far as drag goes, go with front drag, more reliable, and a bigger drag than what is on the rear drag reels.;_ylt=AoilMEqT7RE.GMjB_t1E9Szsy6IX?qid=20070711203508AA8r0Xf&show=7#profile-info-1cc1823e52aa000ab1cfe84033ab67eeaa

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