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Best way to improve speed on my Trek 1500 road bike?

I have a trek 1500 (entry level road bike) and am trying to improve my speed. I can do a 15 mile time trial on a rolling course at an avg speed of 21 MPH. The upgrades that I have done to this bike since I bought it are adding clip less pedals (shimano spd) and aero bars. Have I pretty much maxed this bike out or is there any other ways that I can get this bike going faster (besides training more, which I plan to do anyway). I want to buy a whole new bike, but I just bought this one in January, so if I do that, my wife would get really upset with me. Perhaps a carbon fork, go with a road pedal and shoes instead of mountain bike set up, maybe deep dish rims? How much speed gains could I hope to see from some of these things?

I’ll disagree with the one part of the first answer – if you spend £5000 on a Trek 6.9 Madone, it will make a massive difference in speed over a Trek 1500 as there is a big difference in weight and quality of all the components. Rolling weight is key to speed.

The best way to increase your speed without buying a new bike though would be to upgrade the wheels, tyres and tubes. The bike probably had Bontrager select or race wheels as standard s upgrading to Race lite or X lite wheels would reduce the rolling weight. Putting Race X lite tyres and tubes on as well would help to make a difference.

Other than that, you could upgrade the transmission to lighter components but that could get expensive and wouldn’t have the same effect.
If you went for road shoes and pedals (like SPD-SL’s) then that would make your pedalling more efficient as there is less float in the pedal and you have a larger platform on the pedal and shoe to get more
power down.

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