Shimano 50 Fishing

Shimano 50 Fishing
Berkley lightning rod best for $40?

I mainly fish for bass (large and small mouth)and sometimes walleye when i can get them. I had a Berkley rod mh 6 ft that i snapped because of anger, I know they are very strong and sensitive. Is there a better rod out there at bass pro for like 40- 50 bucks. I was thinking shimano volaetus, but have doubts about weight and sensitivity? It would have to be pretty good cuz i luved my lightning rod and also what would the big difference in terms of use between a seven footer and 6 footer?

I’d stay away from the Shimano, Voltaeus. They are Shimano’s version of an Original Ugly Stik, (and, as you know, the Original Ugly Stiks are about as sensitive as a broom handle).

You are limited by your budget, but there are some OK rods to be had for that price:

1. Shimano, Convergence-

2. Berkley, Lightning Shock series-

3. BPS, Tourney Special- (Read the reviews on this! I’d suggest going with any “in-house” rod like this. Why??? BPS backs their product (as do other companys) with excellent warranties.)-

4. Ugly Stik Lite, Inshore- (This is the only Ugly Stik Product I would suggest buying.)-

Go with the 7′ for sure. More length= more distance when casting and better fish fighting ability.

However, if your mainly a shore angler you may want to only get a 6′ 6″ rod to help you cast around tree’s and shoreline obstructions.

Hope this helps?

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