Shimano 50 Fishing Reel

Shimano 50 Fishing Reel
What inexpensive rod or rods would you recommend for a Shimano Sustain SA4000FE?

I’m planning on getting the reel, but spending all that money on the reel, I can’t really afford an expensive rod. It is going to be used mainly for bass fishing in rivers and ponds. Not exactly sure what size or weight I should get, but obviously a bigger size.

I will probably get a nicer rod later on, but right now I’m looking for a rod not much more than $50, I will go a little over if you really recommend it.

Get an American RodSmith rod. At Academy outdoors Stores they run about 45 – 50 bucks and are great rods for the price. I have a few in my arsenal of rods and have only set them aside when I pick up my custom built rods.

I can not express my pleasure with them enough without saying they are a great rod for the price.

ICAST 2009 – Shimano Core 50 MG7 & Stradic CI4