Shimano Mg7

Shimano Mg7
How many of you fish Shimano?

I’m personally tired of all these fishing newbies. So I want to ask something for you experienced fishermen. Do you fish Shimano? If not, what do you fish? Daiwa? Quantum? Abu?

Shimano Calais 200DC
Shimano Calcutta 300
Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400
Shimano Curado 100
Shimano Curado 200
Shimano Curado 300
Shimano Metanium Mg7
Shimano Metanium DC
Shimano Trinidad
Shimano Trinidad DC
Nice to see that theres other experienced people on here than ones acting on opinion.
Forgot to add my Daiwa’s:

Steez Spinning 2508
Steez Baitcast 103HA
Exist Steez Custom 2506
Exist Spinning 2508R
Certate Finesse Custom 2004
Certate Hyper Custom 2500R
morethan Branzino
Millionaire I’ZE Light
chimp dancer:

Goos choice on the Avets too. I have some too and they are CNC machined pieces of goodness.

MXJ 2 Speed
JX 2 Speed
HX Narrow

Once you go JDM, you can’t go back! 🙂

(1)Shimano Cumara Spinning Rod CUS-72M w/ Stradic MGFB 2500 reel
(1)Shimano Cumara Spinning Rod CUS-68MH w/ Stradic MGFB 2500 reel
(2) Shimano Cumara Casting Rods CUC-X72MH w/ Abu Garcia Revo Premiers.
(2) Shimano Cumara Casting Rods CUC-X68MH w/ Abu Garcia Revo SX
(1) Shimano Cumara Casting Rod CUC-72MH w/ Abu Garcia Revo SX-HS
(1) Kistler Mag Cast Rod 7′ Hvy Mag Worm w/ Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Casting Reel
(1) G Loomis MossyBack Jig & Worm Cast 6’8″ Hvy w/ Abu Garcia Revo SX
(1) Powell Casting Rod 7′ Medium EF 702C w/ Daiwa TD-X Super Tuned Casting Reel 100HSDF
(1) Powell Casting Rod 7′ Heavy EF 704C w/Team Daiwa Zillion Casting Reel 100HA
(1) Powell Casting Rod 7′ Med Hvy EF 703C w/Team Daiwa Zillion Casting Reel 100SHA

These are what I carry in my boat all the time until about this time of year when I clean it out, because I will start night fishing and don’t need near as many.

Like my friend Exert says; we that have been fishing awhile have more time on them, lets not forget everyone is a newbie at some point in their life with something.
The experienced ones have an obligation to help the newbies or our outdoor sports will be the casualty.

Shimano Metanium MG 7