Spinning Reel Fishing

Spinning Reel Fishing
What are some things I should look for in a spinning reel fishing rod?

What should I be looking for in a spinning reel? What are important things that I should look for?

Also, what is the little switch on the reel that says ‘on’ and ‘off’?
And just one more thing, is there any way to make the handle that you rotate on the right side? I’m used to have having it on the right since I was used to a push-button rod before.

Thanks for any help.

Well first you need to learn what size you need. My suggestion would be to go shopping for the best price you can find. Normally Walmarts has some good combination Ugly Stick rods with Mitchell reels on them.

As far as the handle goes when you’re using a spinning rod and reel the guides and reel go down while you’re casting. When you cast you normally use your right hand to hold the line against the pole and you want to keep that hand clear. When a fish bites or you put the rod into a rod holder you then flip the reel back so that the handle will be on the right hand side. There are left handed reels, but I think because you’re used to having a push button reel you normally kept the reel on top and the handle always stayed on the right.

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