Socorro Reel

Socorro Reel
is this a good shark fishing setup?

ok i like to shark fish and i want to get some new stuff. is this good
Shimano® Socorro® Offshore Spinning Reels
Offshore Angler™ Sea Lion™ Stand-Up Rods
some 65LB test braid line
steel leader (of course)
and what kind of hooks do you reccomend

You do not put a spinning reel on a stand-up rod. You use conventional reels. Match spinning reels to spinning rods.

Spinning reels used for saltwater big game fishing got a nick-name – coffee grinder. Most spinning reels do not handle saltwater big game well. They will sound like a coffee grinder when a big saltwater fish was on the other end of the line because the gears will slip and grind against each other. Spinning reels that won’t sound like a coffee grinder will cost a premium.

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