Shimano Nice

Shimano Nice
What is better; Shimano Torium or Daiwa Saltist? ?

I will be fishing off piers in N.C. and was looking at getting a new reel for casting drum rigs and kingfishing anchors. I was going to get a shimano torium but my uncle recently got a daiwa saltist and it is a very smooth, nice looking reel. I will be putting it on a 12 foot rod (dont know which kind yet) Any Suggestions? Or maybe another Reel?

Both the Saltist and the Torium have excellent feedback from Bass Pro and Cabelas.

Either way I think you would get a fine reel. (Although, from what I’ve read, if you do decide on getting the Saltist, get the one that is black in color; it holds it’s clean looks longer.)

Are you sure you don’t want a reel with a level-wind??

If your doing any kind of casting you may want a better/easier casting reel with a levelwind.

You could purchase 2 Abu Garcia C-4 reels (6600 C4/$100) cheaper than 1 Shimano, Torium . Spool the C-4’s with Power Pro 12/50 and you would get roughly 350-375 yards of line.

With a C-4 you will be able to cast MUCH further and easier and be able to purchase 2 reels instead of just 1. HOWEVER, a smoker King bigger than 25-30LB’s would overwhelm the drag of this size reel, (but, that might be the fun part).

You may want to look at an Abu Garcia 7000 C3i (around $149). The 7000 can handle most anything.

Personally, if I were you, I’d purchase an Abu C-4 6600 (for a light tackle reel $99/matched to an 8′ Ugly Stik Tiger rod) and a Shimano Speedmaster as my main reel. Speedmaster’s ($119) are decent to cast and have a reputation for durability.(I’ve had my Speedmaster’s for 10 years and they still work well.)

For $219 you can have 2 excellent reels for the price of one.

But, if your “dead-set” on either a Saltist or a Torium I’d get (drum roll) the Torium.

Go to to read reviews on both.

New amazing rod and reel! Shimano