Shimano Light

Shimano Light
Is the Forte Pro Kevlar Road Tyre (700c x 23) a good choice for commuting?

It is the rainy season with highs in the mid 50s and lows in the upper 40s. As the weather gets harsher, last thing I need is to have a flat. Meanwhile, I am using a set of Maxxis Columbiere tyres.
PS: I am using a pair of Shimano XTR PD-M970 pedals, which I found easier to get a quick launch off a traffic light.

Kevlar or Vectran belted tyres are usually a sensible choice for commuting. I’ve had several brands that have not let me down during their entire service life. A couple where even ridden until the belt started to show.

Now being sensible and drag racing against cars don’t exactly run hand in hand. The down side to kevlar belts is that they add weight, exactly where you don’t want it. You will notice the difference when it comes to launching at traffic lights.

Commonly when you read reviews on belted tyres you see comments like high rolling resistance and time trial only. The reason is the extra weight increases the wheels inertia and noticeably decreases acceleration. For snappy acceleration you want lighter tyres, tubes and rims.

So while belted tyres are a good sensible choice for commuting, long distance touring and most general cycling. They will slow a girl, who is in a hurry to get off the mark. You just have to weigh the need for speed verses changing tyres on a cold, wet, miserable day (or night).

Hear are some reviews from people that have used this particular tyre.

P.S. My apologies to Yin for my terrible chinese

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