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What size Shimano Spheros reel to buy?

I have a Diawa D-wave 8′ medium rod and a shakespeare excursion 7′ medium rod and am looking to but a shimano spheros spinning reel for both of them.I will use them in the surf but Im not sure what size to get. should I get a 3000 or 5000 for the 7′ rod or a 6000 or 8000 for the 8′ rod? any info would be helpful!

with reels, its all about spool size. how much line they can fit of what size. on the reel it should say 2 or 3 different tests and how many yards of it can hold. you dont want to use lighter or heavier then what it says as it wont quite be right.

what size fish are catching, or hoping to, and what size line are you using, or planning to use?
get whatever reel matches up to that the best.
also, your pole should say the same weigths as the reel and line used on it. too light and it will flex too the point you have no control. too heavy and it wont flex and you wont feel the fish.

BTW shimano reels are great reels. even the very cheap ones are good reels. i still use my late 80’s shimano reels, still nice and quite and smooth, still flip open with the quick release and flip shut the second you turn the crank. and the graphite spool construction is gentle on the line and doesnt ding or dent in ways that allow the line to snag as it goes out.
aluminum spools SUCK. one little bang and its dented and wont cast right ever again.

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