Saltwater Reel

Saltwater Reel
What saltwater spinning reel holds the most line?

I need a saltwater spinning reel that can hold alot of line. Would be for shark fishing.

Normal spinning reels:

Okuma Coronado CD-90. As the name says, it’s a size 90 reel and it will hold a lot of line.

Daiwa DF100A Giant. It’s a size 100 reel but the spool is smaller than Okuma’s.

Special spinning reels:

Fin-Nor Offshore OFS-95. This reel was designed especially for braid lines. It will hold 600 yards of 100lb test braid line.

Van Staal VS300. It’s not the biggest reel but it was especially designed to do what other spinning reels couldn’t do and it could handle fish other spinning reels couldn’t handle (at the time it was introduced at least). It was built with steel and titanium. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reel is bullet proof.

You’ll probably need a custom rod built for these specialty spinning reels. I don’t think you’ll be able to find a spinning rod that could handle very heavy lines. Daiwa Beefstick got a spinning model that could handle up to 40lb test line. But it is a very heavy in weight. Fin-Nor built a spinning rod that could handle 50lb test lines and it will cost over $200.

By the way, I think a conventional reel will work better. Reels selection will be better. Suitable rods that could handle heavier lines are much easier to find too.

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