Saltwater Fly

Saltwater Fly
saltwater fly fishing: what size fly gear should i use for flats fishing?

im a veteran fresh water trout fly fisherman and an avid saltwater fisherman, but ive yet to take the leap into saltwater fly fishing. im going to be visiting Belize, which im told has excellent flats and mangrove fishing. i need to buy a fly fishing rod and reel to do the job. i pretty much just need a versatile setup that can handle permit,bone-fish, small to medium tarpon and snook. what is a good recommended weight/ size/class ?

Although each company has a slightly different “read” on weight classes, I’d stick to a two piece 9FT, 9 WT. (Or a 10FT 9WT- if you can find it!)

In my opinion, an 8WT (with fast action tip) is perfect for Bones. But, for medium- medium/large Permit, Snook, and baby Tarpon you need that extra 9 weight class rod.

If you were targeting strictly medium-sized Tarpon and Snook in the Mangroves I’d suggest a 10 WT- (so you could get them away from the Mangroves quick; otherwise you end up losing every other fish and that can get expensive and “frustrating”).

The “optimum” scenario would be if you could take, (or afford) 2 outfits…..?

In that case, an 8WT would be SUPER-fun for the Bones and a 10WT would be perfect for the Tarpon/Snook. If your wallet could swing it………………..viola!

Redington makes a decent (and fairly cheap) 10WT….? You should check into it.

In fact, Redington, (made by the Sage corp) is an all around good buy…..if your looking for a good bargain.

Hope this helps ya?

PS- You will also need a good reel. Unlike freshwater flyfishing, you can’t “get by” with a “clicker” reel, (lol). Any barstock aluminum reel with a solid drag will do….Here’s an example-

PSS- By the way, the initial start-up costs on saltwater Fly-fishing can be higher than Freshwater FF but, thankfully, the Flys are cheaper and saltwater fish are much less “finicky” than your typical Trout or Salmon……..saving you money in the long run.

Other important items for Flats fishing in Belize?

GOOD Flats booty’s-

Good hat-

Hope this extra info helps ya?

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