Fishing Lure Gear Saltwater

Fishing Lure Gear Saltwater
fishing rods: what to look for in a saltwater rod?

i want to go down to the gulfcoast around gulfport/biloxi area and fish off beach and piers, i will only go a few times a year. I dont know what bites,,just fishing for whatever people normally fish for.

Do i need extreme gear like river monsters dude? what should i look for,,,,in length, line size, lure weight recommendations that are printed on the rod by the handle. whats average size fish you expect when fishing in ocean like that? thanks.

If you’re fishing from the beach, a good “Surf” rod about 10′-12′ in length with 17 – 30 lb test line and is rated to throw up to 6 oz of lure or weight is good. The largest fish I caught from the surf is 38 pounds. You don’t need anything extreme or any heavier. Average fish tend to be around 4-8 pounds in my area in CA. I haven’t fished down in that area, but the rod/reel will be the same.

Fishing from a pier, the longest I would use is a 10′ rod.

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