Casting Gear Reel Saltwater

Casting Gear Reel Saltwater
What kind of fishing gear?

I need to buy a new rod and reel for salmon this year. I’m looking at a honest priced casting reel and rod for saltwater. Something very reliable and can withstand landing some nice sized salmon from the beaches.

you can’t go wrong with Shimano. depending on the running line you are using there are different spool sizes. make sure you specify “salt water” to the salesman.
for the rod you’ll need at least an 8 foot medium action. ugly sticks are sensitive and bulletproof.
you should come in with both the rod and reel some-where around 150.00.
don’t forget the line. you’ll need at least 250 yards of 15-20 pound test and don’t skimp on line quality.
have fun

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