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what spinning reel should i get?

i have a 7ft heavy action rod i want either the shimano sustain fe 6000 or 8000 i need it for bass fishing to musky fishing any other reels?

One of the reason’s you never see Musky fishermen with Spinning outfit’s is because they don’t have the “winching” capabilities bait-casting outfit’s do.

Musky rods are heavy-action for a reason.
If you “over-play” a Musky for too long, due to a chemical reaction in their body’s, they will die shortly after the release.

That’s why it’s important to purchase a reel that has a “booyah” of a drag system.

Most Spinning outfit’s just don’t have a heavy enough drag to subdue a Musky before it dies.

Not to mention the fact that a Musky heavy-action rod would be total overkill for most Bass fishing situations. (With a Musky outfit I guess you could baitfish using big Shiner and maybe Flip for Bass.)

If I were you I’d be looking hard at a conventional reel such as:

Abu Garcia C-4 5600- $90

Shimano Calcutta TE- $349

I LOVE my Sustains (I own 2) but I KNOW that a 6000 or 8000 is def too big for 95% of Bass fishing.

Those large size spinning reels are better suited for inshore Flats fishing.

BUT, if your def gonna go Spinning, Shimano Sustain’s are the finest reel you can get (in that price range).

Other than a Stella, Sustains are the best, (and in my opinion, Stella’s are slightly over-rated compared to a Sustain).

Hope this helps ya somehow? Good luck in your search for a reel.

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