Shimano Spirex Spinning

Shimano Spirex Spinning
Casting rod and reel. What line would you use?

I just purchased a Shimano® Spirex® FG Spinning Reel – Model SR4000FG with a Shimano® Voltaeus® Spinning Rods – VTS-66M. I already have a set up using braided line for trolling.

In the lake I fish, I normally catch Walleye, Northern Pike and silver bass. I normally use crank bait but I want to start jigging. I was thinking of either 10 or 12 lb fluorocarbon.

Any suggestions would help.
i have never used PLINE but i have read that a lot of people use it.

I like the P-Line in the fluorocarbon. I prefer the 12 lb test but either 10 or 12 lb will serve you well.

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