Shimano Spin Fishing

Shimano Spin Fishing
whats a good spinning rod to pair with a shimano ci4?

i need a rod to pair with the reel, something that will handle saltwater fishing the targeted species are bass grouper grunts snapper bluefish pompano permit snook redfish tarpon amberjacks i dont want anything that is heavy i want something really light(something i can keep on casting without getting tired) and well balanced but wont snap in half when a big fish is on the line ….i also want something that will cast really well with 20-40lb braid (powerpro) i fish both bait and lures…..oh and another important thing is that it can be used to fish for largemouth bass without it being an overkill thanks
oh and my budget is 100-250 and good brands like st.croix shimano g loomis are preffered thanks and id like something in the 6’6”- 7′ range too

seriously, any rod at $250 is going to be quality. just pick a rod that feels comfortable for you to hold. when the price gets over $100, for me, I just pick the rod that has the better feeling handle and that’s more balanced with a reel on it. I will tell you that Lamiglas makes one of the best rods out there, and I’d recommend one of their upper end spinning rods in 7′ MH for your needs.

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