Shimano Solstace Spinning

Shimano Solstace Spinning
What is the correct way to wind line onto a spinning reel? (Fishing question)?

My previous attempt to wind line onto a spinning reel ended in tangles and knots. Is there a correct direction that I should wind the line? I’m using 8lb Berkley Trilene line on a new Shimano Solstace 4000fi reel.
Hey! I’m surprised I got this many replies.

I will give some of these suggestions a try tomorrow, and report back.

Open the bail and tie a knot directly to the spool after running the line through a few of the eyes of the rod. Trim the excess tag from the knot and close the bail. Pinch the line or have somebody else assist in putting some tension on the line. From there you should be able to wind the line on the spool. Don’t rush it and the most important thing is to keep constant pressure while winding it on. Don’t over fill the spool, try to keep it close to 80% capacity.

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