Shimano Cardiff Baitcasting

Where to oil and grease fishing reels? Please help!?

I will attempt to oil and grease my first baitcasting reel (Shimano Cardiff).

Which parts do I oil? Which parts do I grease?

The worm gear (I believe it is the small metal shaft that the line guide eye moves across to lay your line onto the spoll), is that to be oiled or lubed?

All other advice welcomed.

Thanks to all that reply.

General rule is to oil it if it spins and grease if there is pressure applied to the part. Use a light oil on bearings and bushings such as found on the spool and the anti-reverse bearing if your reel uses one. Check the schematic diagram that comes with your reel and see where the bearings are located.

Use grease on the gears, but don’t over do it. A little goes a long way. Too much lube becomes an attractant for dirt, grit, and can actually cause damage.

Check with your local tackle store for oils and grease for your reels. I know that Shimano distributes products that work well, are water proof, don’t attract dirt, and will work with all reels.

Good habit is to remove your reels from the rod and rinse with fresh water after every use. If possible remove the spools, let dry and check to see if oil or grease is needed. Your reels will last much longer with just a few minutes of maint.

Shimano Cardiff 51S DC