Scale Lure

Scale Lure
around the late 70’s to early 80’s: did you ever worry about your kids joining a cult, or…?

were you ever told that you should take precautions against them being lured into one?

back in the early 80’s, my mom and dad, along with the bulk of the other parents in our neighborhood, were *obsessed* with the “threat” of their children being lured into a cult and becoming brainwashed…it was to the point where they even had PTA meetings and student assemblies on it, and our parents had talks with us on it every so often.

however, us kids all thought our parents were totally bonkers…in fact, to this day, i’ve never even *met* anyone who’s been in a cult. i attended a public school in an upscale suburban neighborhood in the northeast, and no one was overly religious…so, why were they all so freaked out about it? was this a real wide scale threat back then?

Cults are real and they do recruit people and destroy families. It didn’t end in the 80’s.

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