Shimano Speed Reel

fishing maintenance question?!?!(baitcaster)?

so i took my shimano catala in to get serviced(oiled and lubed) it casted really fast as it is and it reeled in at an amazing speed

i got it back a week and $20 later and it reeled in slow and didnt roll as fast in free spool mode(but smooth)?? and the worm gear on the leveler was bone dry like it hadnt been greased………… it suppose to be like this or did they do a half a** job?

loosen the nut just below the handle a tad. that one adjusts the sideplay for the spool. they probably just tightened it a bit more than you had it. or the add’l bit of lube they put in it may have done the same thing. just loosen that nut a tiny bit.
and check to see that they didn’t move all the centrifugal brake blocks to the outward positions.

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