Shimano Saros Reel

Shimano Saros Reel
spinning reels preferance?

i would like to know what people think about these fishing reels.which one do u think is better and why
Cabo PTs
Boca PTs
Catalyst PTs Inshore
shimano saros

Well, the Saros is much better than the others. It performs better, and is much lighter but retains rigidity and performance features even though it’s made from lighter materials. It has slightly better bearings than the Quantums.

they’re all good reels, and will perform VERY similarly in most conditions. The quantums are going to FEEL like they’re stiffer and more sturdy, but that’s only because they weigh more in hand.

honestly, it’s going to come down to feeling the reels and deciding if you like one over the other.

Something to take a look at is the bail on the Quantums. I personally don’t like them. It’s the TiMAG magnetic bail trip. I know, I know…it’s supposed to be superior and all – “never fails/breaks” – BS! That’s all that is….bull$h*t! (Pardon my language) Everything breaks, and I’ve seen broken TiMAGs. I personally like the bail spring mechanism better (found on most other common name reels – like Shimano). It’s a much easier, cheaper fix, and they break JUST as infrequently.

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