Shimano Reel Anti

Shimano Reel Anti
Can someone help me with my Shimano Curado fishing reel?

I have the 200E7 model and when I took it apart to clean it and put it back together, the reel was not functioning right. I discovered the problem was that the anti-reverse system was not functioning correctly. The anti-reverse works, but when I crank the reel handle forward, it is very hard to move. The anti-reverse ratchet and the anti-reverse pawl are rubbing up against one another when I reel forward due to the pressure from the handle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here’s a schematic for your reel:

Heres a link to shimano’s baitcaster maintenance Tips:

Here’s a link to shimano’s repair services:

Sorry that’s all i can do to help without seeing the reel for myself.

And please stop trying to force the handle

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