Saltwater Reel Combos

Saltwater Reel Combos
best rod/reel combo for louisiana saltwater?

under $150
will last couple of years
should hold 15-20 lb line
redfish and specks
boat fishing in brackish water

Conventional, Baitcasting or Spinning?

Where will you generally be fishing: Offshore? Inshore?? Brackish water/Bayou? Pier/Jetty fishing? Boat fishing?

What species of fish are you looking to target?

Answer the above Q’s and we can answer your Q more thoroughly.

Hope to hear back from you…..

UPDATE: So, your gonna be in the bayou’s on a boat fishing for Reds and Trout.

Here are a couple great Spinning reel suggestions that should last you many years and are relatively inexpensive. I’ve also added an inexpensive yet durable rod. Please read the “real world” reviews of each:

1. Penn, Slammer 460-

2. Shimano, Spheros SP5000FB-


1. Ugly Stik, Lite Inshore model 7′ one piece, MH-┬«-Ugly-Stik-Lite┬«-Inshore-Spinning-Rods/product/17946/-502632

Spool your reel with Power Pro 6/20 Braided line and use a 14-17LB Berkely Big Game (“green”) Mono line as a leader.

Power Pro has the diameter of 6LB Mono with the breaking strength of TWENTY LB Mono. Braid is very limp making for easier casting, (esp with heavier lures and bait) and has no stretch making for rock solid hooksets and better “strike sensing” capabilities.

Read the reviews!

Hope this helps ya? Good luck in your search.

Eagle Claw salt water rod/reel combo