Saltwater Pole Reel

Saltwater Pole Reel
Help me catch these bass!?

Hi, i am a saltwater fisherman and have very little experience with freshwater fishing. I live in southwest Florida so i guess its going to be largemouth bass? Im not going to crazy with the gear i am just going to use my penn spinner reel with my light action pole? I dont have a boat so im going to be standing on this little dock on the lake/pond. I need to know what lures or soft baits to use to catch tese things so please help me out.

hi ive really narrowed it down to a couple baits tell me what u think. Heddon Chrome Zara Spook, and YUM dingers? I like the look of those?

Using a dual purpose fishing system is very smart ( all mine serve as both fresh and saltwater systems) One quick suggestion, buy seperate spools. Saves alot of time switching back and forth from one line weight to the next.
Another thing that you said ( being a sltwater fisherman) you may have some lures in your aresenal already. Small jigs, top water plugs, diving plugs and even a shrimp imitation will work. It’s all just a case of switching out hooks and down sizing them a tad. I’m not talking about trolling lures or some monster 12 inch top water lures. The smaller stuff.
You can also go to Walmart, they have a package set up with worms, weights and hooks for about 4 bucks. There’s like 4 different color worms and by simply cutting the tail off and melting them back on to another worm, you can mix and match colors of the tail. You can even leave it off for an imitation minnow deal.
What I have found to work best for me in my area (southeast Florida) I use lizards in pumpkinseed color, worms in black with pink tails or pumpkinseed and frogs in natural and black colors.I fish them on the bottom texas rigged or with no weight near the surface ( best in morning or at dusk) As for other lures, crank baits like rapalas in minnow/shad colors work. so will spinners and tube lures. Quick trick, fill the tube with an ear plug then insert the hook weedless. It’ll float right under the surface and looks like a minnow when twitched. There’s alot of stuff you can do, it’s all pretty much like saltwater fishing except with lighter line and different baits.

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