Fishing Tackle Combos

Fishing Tackle Combos
question about carp fishing?

i got this lake 5 minutes away from my house that is home to a lot of carp in the 30-40 pound range. lucky for me, not many people fish here because everyone thinks this lake is fishless.

anyway, i discovered they’re “hangout” today while i was bass fishing. i got a 6 foot rod, baitcast reel, and 20lb test Sufix brand line. i was too scared to go after them today after the park ranger said i needed a pole that’s used for surf fishing on the beach and 40lb test in order to catch them.

do i have a chance to catch them on my tackle? i just got this rod and reel combo for 100 bucks and i dont wanna brake anything.

Definetly! I catch carp on a 7′ medium action spinning rod with 10# mono line. you just play them well and you will have no problem. just so you know. there are not many fish (unless you are going for big game) that can’t be caught on 20# line I have seen sailfish and yellowfin tuna caught on 20# mono the Texas state (and former world record) blue cat (121#) was caught on 20# line. it all just depends on how well you play the fish. when the fish runs let him run, wait for him to turn back toward you then reel for all your worth.
oh and by the way since it sounds like you are new at carp fishing, two of the best baits for them is Canned, kerneled yellow corn, and hot dog pieces. also if you go online there are hundreds of “make it yourself” carp baits.

hope this helps
Tight lines and God bless <>< <>< <>< :D

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