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What do I need for a basic tackle box for panfishing?

I have been fishing a few times but always used other people’s equipment. However, I recently went to Wal-Mart and purchased a rod and reel, round container of hooks, round container of split shot weights, and a 6 pack of bobbers.

I fish in the morning from 7:30-11:00 or at night from 6:00-8:30 in a small (55 acre) lake in WV. I mostly catch bluegill, sunfish, and yellow perch. There are the occasional catfish when I drag along the bottom, and some small and large mouth bass.

I usually just fish with live worms from Wal-Mart but I’m wanting to start a tackle box with some artificial lures. Can anyone give me some ideas what types of baits and lures to fill my tackle box with? If you could give me some links to places online where I can buy them it would be great too.

Tackle box set up for panfish!
Bobbers- slip floats and lighted floats style #783-785 eagle claw and lindy 202-002super shy bite! lith battery lighted lindy 100 or 102!
Sinker- sizes bb,b,3/0,7! split shots!
Hooks- eagle claw #215 cricket hook in 6,8,10 or mustad central draught hook super fine wire!
Line- 2lb to 4lb!
Reels ultra lite okuma ul-10,Okuma inspira 15,tica cetus sb500,ABU 100,Mitchell avocet gold 500ul!!
Rod actions- ultra lite and lite!
I will use keel weights and dipsy divers to troll for panfish!

Lures- beetle spins 1/32 oz,rooster tails 204 or 206,1/100 to 1/8 oz feather or hair jigs,any good ice jig,berkley gulp naits,kelly’s reveille jr pre rigged worm,Anise panfish worm,Diamond tackle panfish lures, rebel wee craw,bomber panfish crank baits,yozuri snap beans/pin minnow/goby!
This is a good start up kit for your panfish tackle box needs!

Live bait of choice cricket,wigglers,wax worm,meal worm,crawlers,spikes,mousies,mayfly larve,small pond craws,catalpa worms,grass shrimp and baby leeches!!

Good luck to you and enjoy panfishing!

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