Shimano Salt Water Reel

I bought a fishing rod at an old thrift store. It’s says I.G.F.A.50. It has a Shimano AX-400S Reel.?

Can anyone tell me anything about this rod? Like what does the I.G.F.A. 50 stand for? Or how many pounds the reel can take?. The rod says Coastal with a boat in front of the word Coastal. The reel says Shimano SPOOL F4 12/311,14/255/,17/220. Does that mean the minimum line test is 12lbs and max is 17? Or is this just a guide line. Also does that work well with this particular rod. And it came with line on it,but i don’t know how old it is. Should i just replace.
Please help with any info you have.
Oh yeah just in case this matters. I’m fishing in New York,Far Rockaway in Salt water. In bays and off the rocks at the beach.
I here most people are catching Bluefish and Striped Bass.

how long is the rod?

for the reel the numbers mean the following:

it will hold 311 yards of 12 lb test, 255 yards of 14 lb test, and 220 yards of 17 lb test. you could put a higher test line on it, but you will not be able to get as much line on the reel.

since the two came together, more than likely the rod is more or less matched to the reel. look around the rod just above the reel. there should be some markings that say what size line to use.

shimano makes a pretty good reel, you may think about taking it to a reel repair place and have them give it a once over. they can even suggest line size for the rod and reel. they will even put the line on for you.

as for the fish, i live in Texas, no clue if it will work in NY, but i would guess you will be ok. again, your local repair or bait shop can help you a lot there, but i think you should be ok. that set up would work here for redfish and trout.

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