Saltwater Fly Reel

Saltwater Fly Reel
Flyfishing-Hardy Zane TI reel?????? Opinions on this reel?

Fly fishermen/women, I would like your opinions on the Hardy Zane Ti saltwater fly reel- would you pay $8,0000 for a supposed corrosion proof reel?

I must admit that im a fan myself of better quality reels such as those by Abel and Hardy(demon) but I would like your opinions on spending $8,000 or £5,000 GBP on a fly reel?????

no friggin’ way!
there is no way it can be that much better than an abel or demon.
l used to work for abel as a machinist. abels are known for their finishes as well as the drag. l guess this zane ti is made of 100% titanium? a bit of overkill. how many corroded fly reels do you have?
how many zeros in that price?

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