Hanger Shimano

Hanger Shimano
How can I fix my rear derailleur?

I have a cheapo Shimano Tourney (I think it’s a TX30, but it doesn’t say. It has the red lower jockey wheel.). I already know the hanger is out of alignment, but there’s a piece missing that holds the upper knuckle to the hanger, so the spring pushes them apart. This makes shifting even worse than just a bent hanger. What can I use to hold the upper knuckle and hanger together? This is for a mountain bike – I’ve had this cheap-ass Fred Meyer Mongoose a while; I know store brand sucks, so don’t make fun of me (I’m too cheap to spend $1000 or more on a bike, although it could probably benefit more financially than a car…). I just want to know what I can hold the mounting bolt with.
I need to know by tomorrow.

Maybe your best bet would be to find another similar bike with a good derailleur and swap them out. Trying to hold together a damaged one probably isn’t going to be a permanent fix even on a better quality derailleur. Often, you’ll spend more time and money trying to repair something than it would cost to replace the component with a used one.

There’s usually a few bike shops around that will work on the store brands and one might have a replacement on another bike that can’t be repaired for some other reason.

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