Gray Saltwater Reel

Gray Saltwater Reel
saltwater on shore Florida fishing?

ok im fishing on the miami(eastern side of florida) im on shore(cant cast very far, around 100-150 ft) im around sand/ rocks. surf is usualy very calm/tropical. dark gray/some blue areas of water. im using a strong rod and spinning reel. i dont know what lb test line i should get(thinking about 15lb test, suggestions welcomed) some people have suggested spoons, and i have 2 of those(silver on one side and red stripes on da other) i wus wondering about what type of lure to use
(name/color/size/pattern of lure would be appereciated)
i’ve used shrimp, fish cuts, and squid.
i just wanna know a useful lure and what it can catch.
also aound that location a lot of boats go in and out of the near-by marina, so iwus wondering if that would affect the rate of fishing in the area?

TY for all of ur suggestions, and i hope i have a lot of them. B)

I have sucess with a mirror lure a silver one . I catch blue fish , Mackrel even a 3 ft shark . I am just north of Miami.

If surf fishing would recommend shrimp, Or I even use sand fleas to catch Pompano and Whiting off the beach using a 3 hook pompano rig and 3 oz weight

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