Casting Spining Reel

what is a roller guided rod for?

what is a roller guided rod and is there a way to cast it far out i have a tidewater rod 6’6 and a penn senator vintage 6/0 reel is there a way i can cast out for surf fishing out in the beach it had a mono fishing line about 50-lbs and it had a lot of memory on it and it would not cast out far what would happen is that the reel would keep spining but the weight and hook would land close is there a way maybe if i use a braided fishing line it would work better the rod has to guides on it one on the tip and the other down close to the reel what do you think

If you can get a kayak, take your bait out about 300 yards from the shore. Use 16/0 circle hooks with 250lb leader. Use a whole stingray for bait and if you can find one, get a 16oz sinker to hold the bait down.

Wait for a while and you might catch a nice shark.
Dont forget a fighting belt.

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