Casting Gear Saltwater

Casting Gear Saltwater
Gear for Flathead Catfishing?

I’m stepping up from the basic channel catfishing to going after some monster flatheads this summer. I’m heading to Bass Pro Shop to get started on buying the proper gear for the job.

I was wondering if there were any catfish anglers that could give me some decent tips on what I should get and how much money I’ll be looking to spend. I don’t need anything too fancy, and I’m just looking for a standard saltwater reel (no spin cast, I always fuck it up and end up with a birds nest) and a heavy action 6’6″ fishing rod. Just wanted to know a decent brand I should look for.

Should be a good summer, and can’t wait to get out on the water. Good luck to all the other anglers out there!

the catmaxx rods and reels from basspro are pretty good options

im gonna go against Kaleb here and advise against the zebco spincast reels. if you’re serious about huge flatheads get a spinning reel meant for saltwater or a round baitcaster
remember you need a spinning reel capable of casting thick line if you’re using mono. also id recommend getting a rod bigger than 6’6″ just because the longer rod will give you more leverage over the fish. my best advise if you’re really going after monster catfish is learn how to use a baitcast reel. it might be more complicated short term. but in the long run it’ll be worth it.

abu garcia and penn make good reels.
the rods i recommend the catmaxx from bass pro, and of course the bigger uglystiks

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