Big Saltwater Reel

Big Saltwater Reel
Please help!!!! Need Opinions on Saltwater Equipment. Plz HELP!!!?

I need to know which reel you guys thing would be better for Tarpon Cobia and Kingfish in the gulf and Atlantic. Either a 3/0 Penn Senator Special, a Shimano Triton, or a Shimano Speed Master. I have lots of fishing experience and techniques. I usually put my weight out and use a clip with live bait. I can not get my 6/0 Penn Senator out far enough because its a shark reel and very hefty so I want to downsize. So tell me what you think.

Main things it needs to do are cast far, catch big, and needs to hold up

The 3/0 is an excellent reel. I’ve four with topless tiburon frame and a accurate handles.
They are heavy compared to the Shimano and the gear ratio is lower.
By using reelX I find that casting is improved, you can also use speedX on all your reels

As per the Shimano speedmaster it’s a pretty good reel and no levelwind.
I’ve a friend who uses the Shimano speedmaster with great success, aside from a broken handle their is not much else that has gone wrong.
You don’t want a levelwind period.

I wouldn’t choose the Shimano triton.
But the rest are okay for all your needs even Tarpon.
Might look into newell reels without breaking the bank.

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