Beach Reel

Beach Reel
How do you beach cast with a fixed spool reel?

Do you loosen the front drag and let the line run off the lip of the bail arm, unwinding from the reel as it goes?

Or do you tighten the drag, disengage the bail arm and let the line flow off the spool without any friction, as is shown on this website:

If both techniques are used, what are the advantages and disadvantages to both?

To cast a spinning reel you should hold the string back but not down with your index finger of the hand you’re holding the rod with. Open the bail and sling it out or flip it out… whichever you desire and let go of the line with your finger at the same time. Close the bail by reeling very little or just close it by hand.
The drag should only be used for tension resistance on the line to allow your bait to swim or drift further and to tighten the drag and loosen the drag while you’re fighting the fish to tire him out by giving him a lot to pull but still room to run.

Remember, when casting always open the bail while your finger is pulling the string back toward the rod and releasing it only while you cast. You may then reel to close the bail or just close it manually by hand.

Also, remember, NEVER let your line free flow without any resistance on a spinner reel.. ESPECIALLY in strong currents or with a fish running on your line unless you’re casting because it will cause a major bird nest in your line and you’ll spend a lot of time untying it or re-spooling your reel.

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