Shimano Spinning Fishing

Shimano Spinning Fishing
What are good setups and baits for bat ray and leopard sharks?

I fish just north of coyote point in san mateo, california. i have a shimano spinning rod. 6 foot 6 medium-heavy action rod. i love to fight big fish.

Squid, sardines, anchovies, sandcrabs, mussels, clams.

You’ve already got a good rig going.

I’ve gotten skates, rays, guitarfish and undersized leopards on sandcrabs while chasing corbina in the surf. Whole sardines and anchovies will work excellent for any of them, especially a big bat.

You don’t really need a special rig for either of them. A pyramid sinker and a hook. Tie the sinker to the end of the line, make a loop about a foot (or more) above your sinker, attach a your snelled hook to the loop and bait it. You won’t even have to cast very far out, either.

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