Shimano Baitcasting

Shimano Baitcasting
What bait-casting reel should i get?

Im 16 and i fish alot. im looking to upgrade my Shimano spinning reel with a baitcasting reel for my St. Criox rod. im looking at two reels Shimano curado E and Shimano Sitica E. i want to stick with Shimano becuase its been a good reel for 3 years. What one of those should i get or if there are any other good baitcasting reels you would reccomend

Thank You

You’ve already decided on two great reels! And you have a number of good answers.

I vote for the Curado E (I own a couple Curado’s), but I understand that you may be on a budget and may not need such an expensive reel. Simply, the Citica is nice but if you want to get something a bit nicer get the Curado.

Both are solid reels.

Here’s another option:

Go to EBay and purchase a USED one.

I’ve purchased used reels on EBay ( if your careful and only buy from a reputable dealer) and got GREAT deals on reels and rods that are barley used or “used” only in name.

Last year I got a barely used Curado for $80!

If you look carefully and peruse long enough you can find AMAZING deals on EBay. Many weekend warriors (on a budget ,without a bunch of sponsors) use Craigslist and EBay to purchase inexpensive top-end gear.

Hope this helps ya? Good fishing!

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