Reel Butt

Reel Butt
what if this happened?

next monday on raw, chris jericho presents the highlight reel with cm punk as his guest. jericho congratulates punk face to face on his ladder match victory, and asks punk which champion he would most like to face and when.

punk replies by saying that he has a whole year on all 3 brands, as he can cash in whenever he feels like it, so he is in no hurry. jericho says that if he was the wwe champion, he would be happy to face punk at any time during the year, and gladfully kick his butt. punk and y2j go face to face, and punk challenges jericho to a rematch from last week.

y2j makes it a bit more interesting, challenging punk to put his briefcase on the line in a match at backlash, and says that he will even put the intercontinental title on the line, winner walks away with both prizes. punk agrees and their match a backlash is confirmed.

do you think that is a good scenario for this monday night? if so why? if not why?

10 pts best answer!

Great scenario. WWE’s been bent on pushing Y2J as a heel lately I think. There was even a chance that he and Hardy were going to do a feud against one another before Jeff ruined it for himself and Chris. I think Jericho would be a more legitimate Money in the Bank briefcase holder at this point as well. I have nothing against Punk, he’s just nowhere near where he should be right now, and slapping the IC on him and letting him keep the briefcase won’t really help matters, seeing as how the WWE doesn’t really have a worthwhile IC division. On the other hand, I’d like to see CM earn some cred with a win over Jericho, and be the first in the MitB burn pile, i.e.- lose his title shot. It needs to happen sooner or later, or the gimmick’s going to become predictable. As it is right now, you can pretty much set your watch to whose going to be the next champion after you see a money in the bank match. The gimmick’s becoming too reliable of a springboard, why not have someone lose after winning the briefcase? It really wouldn’t hurt them, considering the fact they won it in the first place makes them look credible enough to be a main eventer.

My only problem with this happening is that it happened last year. This shouldn’t be an every year ordeal, but I do like the setup.

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