Mitchell Saltwater Reel

Mitchell Saltwater Reel
girlfriend gave me a old mitchell 303 saltwater reel that is clogged?

with old grease that has hardened beyond belief. i don’t want to trash the reel since it is still in pretty good condition other wise. any suggestions on how to clean out the old junk and what grease should i put back into it to get it running smoothly. this reel belonged to her deceased husband.

The older Mitchells are very simple and easy to take apart.

Remove the spool and side plate and take out the gears and pieces, remembering where they go, then pick out the chunks of old grease. Afterwards, scrub everything with a toothbrush and a good household cleaner like Mr. Clean or even a good dish soap and hot water. Let everything dry completely.

There are many good reel greases and lubes available. DO NOT use Vaseline. Repack the case with REEL grease (don’t overdo it) being sure to get the gears and any metal contact points. A drop of light oil on the bushings and it’s ready to put back together and use.

It should have a lube port (a big shiny screw) all the way at the rear end. Make sure this is cleaned also. A drop or two of light reel oil once in a while will keep it working in top condition for you.

Mitchell Saltwater