Casting Reel

Casting Reel
Which bait casting reel is the better one out of the lot?

Is there anyone who can tell me which of these Abu Garcia Bait Casting reels is better out of the lot…

1. Abu Garcia CB 6600

2. Abu Garcia C4 6600

3. Abu Garcia C5 6600

And if you dont mind let me know why it would be the one you selected, it would greatly help me in buying one of the three….

Thank you

The C5 would be my choice, it has more bearings that keep the spool and drive gear in proper alignment. This will allow for longer more consistent cast and hold up better over the life of the reel. With proper yearly service this reel will last a lifetime.

The C4 is also very solid. The CB uses bushing instead of bearings and are not as smooth.

If you don’t need that much line the 5600 holds a good bit of line but is narrower and lighter making it more comfortable for a day of fishing.

These reels hold up well in saltwater also.

My 2 cents. Good luck.

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